Engineering & Automation

-Solutions for Labor Force Shortages and high turnover within a workforce

-Solutions for Machines that do not exist today... We design it, we build it, we install it, you win with it!

-Solutions for Quality Improvements by reducing process steps which reduce sources of variation

-Machine Upgrades and Rebuilds…when the machine is decades old and all they want is to sell you a new one, we can provide a solution!


Eastern Shutters

-Offers a full line of impact rated and decorative products

-We proudly manufacture each shutter and we provide qualified set up.


Machining & Fabrication

-Production scale and volume...We produce by the thousands and tens of thousands [CNC lathes and CNC Milling Machines, Manual Machines, laser cutting and bending]

-Precision Quality...We focus to reduce variation throughout our operation

-Supply Chain Partner...We hold inventory for partners

-If it breaks...we can fix it. Whether one or many!

-Plating, Powder coating, heat treating…Solutions are provided to fit the application


3D Printing

-Innovative Cost Reduction approach for Industrial applications [reduce manufacturing steps from multiple operations to a single step]

-Manufactured to optimize a design versus designed to optimize Manufacturing

-Maximizes customization

-Minimize time from concept to shop floor